Saturday, August 23, 2008

Go figure !!!

It's been a while since I wrote anything productive, my recent tests in college included. Oh, they are one whole bunch of trashy n worthless mishaps as far as I'm concerned. In fact, so is the damn course. Whateveh !!! I'm not about to discuss something as boring, mundane n sloppy as coll !!! On the other hand, though, I probably might not ferret out the kind of nitty-gritty a "buddin" computer science engineer is supposed to..or for that matter the infernal techno crap or freaky gizmo stuff a large proportion of people in this existing money-motivated, mindless n abhorrent world we live in today, would wanna write abt...Nope, not at all. I wouldn't dream of penning down loathsome accounts of that sort. By the way I'm not a journalist either. I've absolutely no intentions to talk about about the current state of affairs in all of this world or the number of gold, silver n bronze scoop ups won by a bunch of sportsmen(& women) in this big thing called Olympics happenin somwher in some tiny corner of the world, or for that matter the blahs of daily life for the common man or the woes of the blessed peace-keepers on planet Earth..Nah !!! Methinks that's not what I wanna write about. I'm mighty sure there are enough scientists out there to discover n publicize what they've discovered n write jumbo articles on all the unveiled secrets n wonders of God's creation. Should I delve into that realm ? Nay, says I !!! I haven't the foggiest of what's goin on in big black space, something cosmologists speculate n study about, nor the vast seas and oceans and rocky plains of the Earth, an arena geologists and oceanographers brainstorm over. Leave it to 'em researchers, cries my brain. The stupefyin aspects of the beginnings of life and it's end, the principles n protocols that govern rewards n comeuppances to mankind, the overpowerin emotions we succumb to, the grippin events that change the course of history, seem to b jus not-my-type rantings to indulge into...What then do I talk abt ??? My neurons seem to b screamin of ideas to envision. My senses seem to belch the remains of all the thoughts I've subdued these past years. Phew !! All I'm left with is a sincere n heart-warmin thanx to u for havin been patient enough to read this apparently meaningless crap that's evrythin abt nothin...oops...or was it nothin abt evrythin...Watevah !!!

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