Saturday, November 29, 2008

BoMbAy bOmBeD

I spent most of my time over the last two days glued to the television set, watchin the chaos left behind by the militant attacks in Mumbai. As I write this, I can vividly recall the horrific details sketched out by the TV channels and newspapers. Tears welled down my eyes as the accounts of deaths of brothers and sisters of my country and across the world , the innocent civilians and the special forces, were brought into light. I felt somthin heavy deep down, a loss as if somthin my own had been forcibly taken, as the newsreaders expounded on the acts of bravery put up by India's heroes, the NSG commandos, and in the process lost their lives. A bright, young and promisin major was one among them. There was this other man, supposedly a legend in his own right, the chief of the Anti Terrorism Squad. It was saddenin to see the wreck of a place left behind by the terrorists, the human element only addin to the anguish and despair. I was thinkin of the amount of pressure they would've gone through minutes before their deaths. I mean, its like you know you're gonna die now n it's a point of no return...Is this the end of everythin ?? Did I live my life to be gunned down by mindless maniacs into the bottomless pit called death ?? Did I treat evryone fair n just ?? Did I enjoy my last meal ?? When was the last time I said "I love you, mom n dad" ?? Will I get a chance to say goodbye to the ppl I love ?? Did I say thanx to God fr givin me all tat I wanted ?? Can I tell my folks back at home, "Don't worry...Everythin will be ok"?? When was the last time I enjoyed the simple pleasures of my life ?? Would they have thought about this as their their final moments on Earth ticked away ?? Or would it have been like bang...poof !!! One second n its the end !!! I saw their pictures on TV n I thought they exuded determination n guts...It sort of depressed me. I was struck by a pang of grief n sadness. They had so much to hope for n live n go on...The end need nt have been so cruel. My prayers fr them n their families. I know that I cannot do anythin to bring them back or give their loved ones a moment of reief or happiness. The pains will never ease...the tears can never caese...nt fr now...farewell...

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MultiMenon said...

well..kno sumthing??the world is goin thro its worst patch tho predictions sat,this is gonna last sumtym..and so,tht has a direct impact on all of us too..passin phase and its gonna be fine..

well written..

btw,are u d soundarya who hd attended malathi's classes durin +1??jus curious.. :)