Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will it ever be the same, I ask myself
Oh yes, the things are done
They have come and gone
Leaving behind darkness and despair
There's no escape, while the shadows are here
You don't say no to them, they seldom listen
Engulfed in bleakness and mindless torment
And blinded in rage and fury that will burn fr eternity
Will everything be all right, I ask myself
Let the rains wash my tears away
Into puddles of sorrows that were once mine
Though they can scarce extinguish the fires within
The burning rage that flares and fumes
Rekindling the wounds carved out in excruciating torment
When the clouds hush in darkness
And the winds bear mournful premonitions
They look down upon the lonely traveler
Bearin the brunt of a trouble too many
Steps measured in pain and etched in anguish
Tracing tearful alleys on green Earth
Cloaked in the stains of pain and agony
Banished into a world of nightmares and distress
Will it ever end, I ask myself..

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