Monday, July 23, 2007

The Phenomenon called Harry Potter

About half a decade ago, I would've never imagined that I'd indulge myself in something as boring as writing about a book..the reason being as plain as that..I'd doze off within seconds of reading when my peers grew up reading Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and a whole range of such books meant for the young teenagers. Somehow the habit never got to me. It was then I chanced upon Harry Potter and The Philosopher's stone and launched upon the task of reading it...and read it i did. I felt a sense of childish elation...a heady feeling that evaporated the barrier between me and the art of reading. I read the book several times to my heart's content and discovered the joy of reading.. But since it is a little annoying for a reader to drink in a dozen lines of a blog , struck with the thought that they've absolutely nothing to do with the subject of discussion, let me get straight to what I really wanted to convey through this one-among-million reviews of Harry Potter. If there is anything that has enchanted and intrigued mankind ever since the beginning of civilisation..then it has got to be magic ! We tag everything that is wonderful and pleasing with magic..Well that's what Harry Potter is all about. The world of HP is split into two..the muggle world and the wizarding world and Harry is a part of both. The entire plot stems from the age-old good versus evil theme, but dished out in a manner that is refreshingly tasteful and simply out of the world. I try my best not to sound vituperative when people label HP as a kiddish work right off the bat..because though the story revolves around protagonists who attend school, the essence reaches out to every reader irrespective of age. Magic aside, this is a story( as story i mean the collection of all the 7 books) that deals with emotions that take up the foreground in everyone's lives..friendship, love, hatred, trust, anger betrayal, courage... a story that is woven from a canvas depicting human nature in its entirety and with wholesome spirit. The reader can always identify himself with the characters because ultimately muggle or non-muggle..everyone is human. Every character has a purpose and is not there just because it is supposed to be there but because the story encompasses its emotional horizons which adds a whole sense of meaning to it. The story is dependent on the characters and vice-versa, the result being a symbiotic relationship that makes you appreciate the subtlety and dexterity. Also, the humour in a very positive sense, the geniality, the welcome banter cheers you up as you travel along with the story into the realm of magic and splendour. The boy wizard and his mates have sure cast a spell on an entire generation of readers and will continue to do so for the coming years..but really as I stop to think about how little words can do to salute this phenomenon, I'm tempted to raise my hat as a coup de grace to the truly magical Joanne Kathleen Rowling !

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