Sunday, July 29, 2007

Journeying with Sheldon

As I prepared to settle down for yet another session of reading the Potter books, for what seemed probably the hundredth time, my cousin lent me a book(which I had earlier lent her) authored by one Mr.Sidney Sheldon, titled 'Bloodline'. True to the word, I had no idea what to expect of the book. Nevertheless with a sense of curiosity and an eagerness to explore this work, I cozied myself into an armchair, armed with book. The experience was truly overwhelming. The book proved to be an unputdownable one...but put it down I did..just to pick up another one of Sheldon's novels. Soon I dragged myself into the task of reading all his novels. I did this within a span of three years, until his last book titled 'The Other Side of Me' was published. Talks with a few novel buffs revealed that Sheldon was not the only writer of his times whose books invariably found themselves in best-sellers' list. His contemporaries like Jeffrey Archer, Frederick Forsyth, Ken Follett, Robert Ludlum and many others earned themselves a reputation that challenged Sheldon's. But it is impossible to ignore the incredibly talented writer who gave the world works such as 'The Other Side of Midnight', 'If Tomorrow Comes', 'Tell Me Your Dreams', 'Rage of Angels' and so many other books with substance. 'If Tomorrow Comes' is a hilariously fast-paced novel, frivolously concocted with a magnificiently colourful approach towards the ever changing style of novel-writing. 'Master of the Game' offers a surpassing view into the grandeur of the South African diamond fields, coupled with the treachery and skulduggery it takes to leap from rags to riches. A sentence or two can never do full justice to review such novels. However I find it hardly resistible to not share my opinions and views on Sheldon's novels. When categorized, I find genres such as action, drama, comedy cum adventure and mystery demanding their own share of his books. Each one is set in a background that plays the backbone, supporting the story as it dances through the ebb and flow of time. From the dusty plains of South Africa, the charming Paris and the astonishingly nostalgic Athens, to the bustling streets of Washington and the ebullient Manhattan, it is his world that he creates, where his characters make their entries and exits, leaving even the ninniest reader with the grudging bemoan of not having been to all those places. Architects, doctors, lawyers, businessman, company heads, television personalities, film stars, thieves, name it and Sheldon's characters have all played these parts with awe-inspiring nonchalance. I might have mentioned that just one sentence or two can never do full justice to his novels...well Bingo ! I've found this one...Pick up one of Sheldon's novels and prepare yourself for a treat..but if you've already read it..I suggest go back two lines and take my advice for free !

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